Global Now / Week 8

Mirror, mirror, on the wall….

(Now I know why my posts haven’t been showing up! They’ve been published to my main blog instead of the Global issues)

Global Now

Headline:  Atmosphere and shopping

Date:  10/25/2012



The popular Japanese clothing store Uniqlo has opened its first store on the west coast. The newest store features impressive architectural design, is flooded with natural light and holds almost 77 lcd screens showcasing latest products. But what makes the store the most innovative on a technology standpoint is the Uniqlo “magic mirror”. The magic mirror functions as a virtual dressing room in the form of a 60-inch monitor with color-changing Kinect (interactive video game technology used at Microsoft) features, alowwing shoppers to browse through different color palettes without having to remove the clothes they are wearing. Shoppers may also take a photo of themselves with the magic mirror and share their possible purchases on social media. This saves time for customers and sales associates who are constantly re-shelving products. The magic mirror also allows customers to interact with products and technology on a more efficient level.

Global Issue: Designing for atmosphere and interactive design

Primary Design Lens: Design for retail stores

Secondary Design Lens: Interior design


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