Global Now / Week 8

Mostly Scary…

Spencer Kohn

School of Art and Design History and Theory

Global Issues in Design and Visuality in the 21st Century

Joel Towers Section: Juliana Cope

Global Now: Abstract

Headline: Leanie Van Der Vyver: Scary Beautiful

Date: 10/25

Source: DesignBoom


Leanie Van der Vyver and Rene Van Den Berg have collaborated on a shoe design that is practically un-wearable. These shoes are worn with the toes pointed down into the back of the shoe, and the shin resting on a brace towards the front- leaning the body precariously forward and being held by a front “kick-stand.” These shoes completely change the experience of walking, bringing into question fashion and the way in which the body is looked at and manipulated. 

The model in the video is forced to walk as if imitating a velociraptor. Hunched forward, knees bent, it seems as if her knees are inverted at the joint. This is a moment when fashion meets fine art. But the bruises on the model’s shins don’t suggest a comfortable design. This creation, is a fashion interpretation of Urbach’s exhibition as atmosphere. The model, strutting a straight line- as if walking down the runway- is faced with a design that changes her way of seeing shoes and walking. She therefore creates an atmosphere of instability both for herself and the viewer. It reminds me of the movie Man on Wire, watching Philippe Petit hanging in mid-air over a hundred stories.  



Global Issue: Fashion

Primary Design Lens: Fashion

Secondary Design Lens:  Body



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