Global Now / Week 8

The Golden Moon, Hong Kong, 2012

Anjana Singhwi

Section: Julianna Cope

Global Now: Abstract

Headline:  Creating Immersive environments

Date:  10/25/2012

Source:  Laboratory for Experimental Architecture and Design



The Golden Moon is a temporary architectural structure in Hong Kong that was built for the 2012 mid-autumn festival of the Moon goddess – Chang’e. The Golden Moon looks like a Chinese lantern. It is is 6 storeys high, spherical and clad with abstracted fiery flames. It is constructed with a steel frame, bamboo, stretch fabric, LED Lights and suspended lanterns. It is constructed in the centre of a pool surrounded by floating chinese lanterns that create an overwhelming lighting effect.

This immersive architectural space was built in 11 days and attracted nearly 500,000 visitors in its 6 day life span. Henry Urbach spoke about the intimacy that can be created between the observer and the object with the use of dramatic lighting, texture,structure and micro-climate. The Golden moon triggers an emotional response from its visitors as it is highly expressive and captivating.


Global Issue: Creating new environments

Primary Design Lens: Architecture


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