Global Now / Week 8

Zaha Hadid’s Pleated Shell Structures

Justin Yoon

Section: Cope

Global Now: Abstract

Date: October 25, 2012

Source:  Metorpolis Magazine


Zaha Hadid Architects curated a recent new installation exhibition at the SCI-Arc gallery in LA, California, which is shell structure, providing a self supporting mechanism through various different materials and form of installation. The exiting part of this semi-architecture installation is the fact that this whole project was boosted off from a scientific/architectural research of materials, as it started with fabric and what not to experiment with self supporting curved structure, and eventually ended up with fiber glass and resin shell structure. This whole installation is an interactive and intuitive piece as well as it welcomes people and the viewer to sort of experience and be a part of it. This approach to architectural exhibition was very interesting as it creates a almost intimate and close experience one can have with an architectural structure. 




Global Issue:  Architecture as exhibition

Primary Design Lens: Architecture

Secondary Design Lens:  Installation Art


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