Global Now / Week 8

flower sculpture at Seattle Center

Saskia HeinSection: Juliana Cope Global Now : Abstract Headline :  Dale Chihuly’s flower sculpture at Seattle Center creates a powerful and energetic effect Date : 10/25/2012 Source: my modern met  blog www.Dale%20Chihuly’s%20Vibrant%20Glass%20Sculpture%20Garden%20-%20My%20Modern%20Metropolis.webarchive

Artist Dale Chihuly creates glass sculptures that adapt into their environment, both indoor and outdoor. „ I want my work to appear as though it came from nature so if someone found it … they might think it belonged there.“ In this case he created a hanging flower glass sculpture that resembles a bouquet of yellow and red flowers being attached on the ceiling at Seattle Center. Its primary focus wants to be to create the community’s ‘creative energy’. Chihulys’ taste makes the work appeal as a harmonious part of the overall center.

Link : www.Dale%20Chihuly’s%20Vibrant%20Glass%20Sculpture%20Garden%20-%20My%20Modern%20Metropolis.webarchive Global Issue: architecture in space Primary design lense: art / architecture Secondary design lense: architecture for community


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