Global Now / Week 8

Re-imagining a Renaissance Space



Rowan Smith-Spanier Section:CopeHeadline: Interactive Lotus Dome Source: Visual News 

Deep inside the 17th century Sainte Marie Madeleine Church in Lille, France lies an interactive installation that adds a futuristic twist to the atmosphere of a classical Renaissance space. The Lotus Dome, created by Studio Roosegaarde consists of a 4 x 2 meter curved wall with hundreds of ultra-light ‘aluminum flowers’ (motion sensitive smart foils) , lamps, sensors, software and other media. The interactive lotus “flowers” respond to approaching people by folding open, with their light slowly following the people, creating play between light and shadow. Accompanied by a deep bass sound, the Renaissance environment becomes more of a ‘Techno-Church’ when this interactive installation is in action.The dome lights up and the flowers open with a gentle metallic rustle. When one person interacts with the Lotus dome then its behavior is gentle and almost inaudible. However when surrounded by a group of people it becomes much more vibrant and almost frantic. Light and shadow play together around the Lotus Dome illuminating and transforming the centuries old atmosphere of the surrounding church.  The Renaissance setting is reinvigorated, as it were, in to a modern day techno-temple.As a futuristic vision on the Renaissance Lotus Dome merges elements of architecture and nature into an interactive environment.

Primary Design Lens: Interactive architecture

Secondary Design Lens: Re-imagining Atmosphere and Space



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