Global Now / Week 8

Unusual Mcdonalds all over the world.


Section: Cope

Headline: The Most Unusual McDonald’s Locations in the World

Date: 09/25/2012

Source: Twisted shiffer



Taupo, New Zealand


South Korea


 Yangshuo, China


Abstract: The marketing of Mcdonald’s company is that if they get you more than 3 times before 6 years old, then they get you for life. Most of us are born to know Mcdonald’s, and we are so used to it that it’s in our daily basis, we dont even pay attention when we walk past or even walk into one. “With over 33,000 restaurants serving nearly 68 million people in 119 countries every single day” But that doesn’t mean the interior and exterior of such a common place is not worth to stop and enjoy. In every city there must be a Mcdonald’s that can represent itself. “From old conversions to modern builds, the face of McDonald’s restaurant can be quite varied and even representative of it’s city’s architecture/history.” Ever stopped and looked?


Global Issues: value, awareness , architecture

Primary Design Lens: Architecture

Secondary Design Lens: form vs fuction


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