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Rowan Smith-Spanier

Section: Cope

Headline: In the Shifting World of Product Design, the User Now Has a Voice

Date: 11/9/2012

Source: New York Times

Abstract:  During his lecture, Tucker Viemiester showed us his work from his time at Smart Design to create prototypes for the Good Grips Kitchen Tools.  A simple and effective solution, the new handles were designed to address the needs of a specific group of people – the elderly and arthritic – however the more comfortable grips ended up having universal appeal outside of the targeted consumer.  This seems to be a first step in the designer trying to thoughtfully interface between the needs of the consumer and the actual production solutions, rather than the traditional model of the designer and manufacturer foisting a finished product onto the market.  The next step wold be the new genre of op-ed design processes, which utilize advanced production technology, such as 3-d de printing, to facilitate an immediate connection to the actual user of the finished objects, allowing them to make the critical design decisions.  This project presented by Unfold uses similar processes to The Rockwell Group, trying to explore the human relationship with technology, and its effect on experience.


Global Issue: Product Design

Primary Lense: Technology


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