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We Complain About Change and Yet We Forget About It

Section: Cope

Headline: We Complain About Change and Yet We Forget About It

Date: 11/14/2012



Do you hate Facebook's Timeline format? Changes may be on the way.

Every time Facebook comes out with a new layout, all my friends (including myself) complain about it.  We chant how the new design is too complicated and talk about how Facebook is all about simplicity.  In fact, people were making petition groups to refuse to use Facebook if they were forced to change into a new layout.  I can’t even remember what the original design even used to be now back 7~8 years ago when I first started using Facebook.  It’s funny how every time people try to boycott but end up using it anyways.  In fact, each time a new layout comes out, the users rant on about how they love the current one.  But if you think about it, the one they are love at the moment used to be the one they refused to use and hate.  Despite all the boycotts and blackmails that Facebook received, they pushed own with their ideas and successfully brainwashed all the users.  Somehow the chaotic design became so simple to most of the users’ eyes over time without any significant change in the design.  I find this repetitive situation pretty hilarious now and enjoy seeing the natural and instinctive negative responses to a “traditional” change.  And over time people get adjusted to it and come up with different or new problems.  So now Facebook is now coming up with the new Timeline, and I can’t wait till I see another wave of angry posts.


Global Issue: Change

Primary Lens: Design and Technology



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