Global Now / Week 8

Eco-friendly Plans to Help Surviving Villagers of Mount Merapi Volcano Eruptions

Name: Ethan Yoon Headline: Eco-friendly Plans to Help Surviving Villagers of Mount Merapi Volcano Eruptions Date: 10/24/12 Source:  The Jakarta Post Abstract: First of all, I accidentally did this week’s global now last week, so I’m doing last week’s this week… Sorry!  The article is basically about World Bank Indonesia, National Disaster Mitigation Agency, and … Continue reading

Global Now / Week 6

Digital Versus Analog

Ethan Yoon Global Now: Abstract Section: Cope Headline: Digital Versus Analog Date: 10/03/2012 Source: New York Times Abstract: This article is about Robin Sloan, a writer that used to be known as the “media inventor.”  In the article Robin Sloan mentions about the differences and the similarities of digital books and printed books.  The article … Continue reading

Global Studio / Thesis

Ethan Yoon: Thesis Statement

Name: Ethan Yoon Title: Fundamentals of Seeing Through Analog and Digital Photography. Thesis Statement: The idea and concept of traditional photography has shifted significantly in the recent days with the introduction of digital medium; thus, forcing contemporary photographers to challenge and to create a dialogue between the fundamental concepts of analog and digital photography. Statement: … Continue reading

Week 3

Social Contagion… Hmm…

Global Issues in Design and Visuality in the 21st Century Ethan Yoon Section: Cope Global Now: Abstract Heading: Social Contagion… Hmm… Date:  09/12/2012 Date:  09/12/2012 Source:  New York Times Abstract: This article is basically about how social network services can cause a significant impact on human behaviors based on the spread of words and activities.  … Continue reading