Global Now

Brave New City | Finding Your Way

Justin Yoon Section: Cope Global Now: Abstract Headline:  A new navigation system introduces the new technology to the urban city Date:  November 16th, 2012 Source: Metropolis Magazine Abstract: The New modern navigation system totally renovated and reinvented the way people live in the urban era. Also access to internet everywhere, and mobile search devices through smart phones. … Continue reading

Global Now / Week 8

Zaha Hadid’s Pleated Shell Structures

Justin Yoon Section: Cope Global Now: Abstract Date: October 25, 2012 Source:  Metorpolis Magazine Abstract: Zaha Hadid Architects curated a recent new installation exhibition at the SCI-Arc gallery in LA, California, which is shell structure, providing a self supporting mechanism through various different materials and form of installation. The exiting part of this semi-architecture installation is the fact … Continue reading

Global Now / Week 7

Spirited Revival

Section: Cope Global Now: Abstract Headline: The design/buildLAB at Virginia Tech created An amphitheater which renovated the atmosphere of the town Date:  10/ 16 2012 Source:   Abstract:  Marie and Keith Zawistowski who are professors of practice at Virginia Tech’s School of Architecture & Design, and co-founders of the school’s award-winning design/buildLAB created a amazing amphitheater in a small railtown … Continue reading

Global Now / Week 6

olek: knitted anti-slavery graffiti in london

Justin Yoon Global Now: Abstract Section: Cope Headline: Crocheted messages going across the streets; to the world Date: 10/03/2012 Source:   Abstract: poland-born, brooklyn-based artist Olek, has achieved a vivid imagery on the streets of london, where she conveyed a strong message through a delicate way of processing art. She Crocheted all the types and … Continue reading

Global Studio / Thesis

Thesis Statement – Justin Yoon

Justin Yoon Title: Relations between Illustration and objects; art of emotional connectivity Thesis Statement:  Every object a person encounters provides a certain emotional connection, which is provoked by the narrative of the personal experiences; Creating an imagery for an object as an illustrative point of view, the process and the result relates crucially to the … Continue reading

Global Now / Week 4


Justin Yoon Section: Cope   Global Now: Abstract Headline:  Individual’s revealed privacy used as the source of her creativity. Date:  11/15/2012 Source:  The New Yorker Abstract: Lena Dunham gained some attention few years ago, when a video of herself stripping down to a bikini and cleansing her hair in her college fountain was uploaded on youtube. … Continue reading

Week 3

A Taste of Bay Area Green

Justin Yoon Section: Cope Global Now: Abstract Heading: Two dozen tours of green buildings in a conference at San Francisco, suggests the new green and sustainable lifestyle of living. Date:  09/10/2012 Source:  Metropolis Magazine Abstract: USGBC’s annual Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, which was held in San Francisco this November, there are some interesting things going on which should … Continue reading