Global Now / Week 8

Re-imagining a Renaissance Space

  Rowan Smith-Spanier Section:CopeHeadline: Interactive Lotus Dome Source: Visual News  Deep inside the 17th century Sainte Marie Madeleine Church in Lille, France lies an interactive installation that adds a futuristic twist to the atmosphere of a classical Renaissance space. The Lotus Dome, created by Studio Roosegaarde consists of a 4 x 2 meter curved wall … Continue reading

Global Now / Week 6

Human Connection?

Name: Rowan Smith-Spanier Section: Cope Headline: Facebook Reaches 1 Billion Users Date: by Geoffrey A. Fowler 10/04/2012 Source: The Wall Street Jornal Facebook has multiplied exponentially in active users since it was first conceived, finally reaching 1 billion mark in September, making it the fastest growing site in internets developing history.  Despite this staggering figure, … Continue reading

Global Studio / Thesis

Rowan Smith-Spa…

Rowan Smith-Spanier Provisional Title: The Loss of the Human-Made Thesis Statement: The ancient process of pottery is rendered precious and unique in a technology based global culture which moves further away from the hand-made and the tactile experience of physically creating an object, whether functional or purely aesthetic. Clay or earth is such in essence … Continue reading

Global Now / Week 4

Hollywood and the Pentagon

Rowan Smith-Spanier Global Issues in Design Section: Cope Abstract Headline:Hollywood and the war machine 9/21/2012 Source: Al Jazeera website Since 1945, America has existed undisputedly as the worlds more formidable military force.  War is engrained in our culture and is often used as a source of entertainment and a celebration of our power from a young age … Continue reading

Week 3

Underground Eden

Headline:THE “LOWLINE”– NEW YORK’S PROPOSED UNDERGROUND PARK Date:9/10/2012 Source:Visual News Global Issue: Environmental/Social solutions to urban space What started as an idea on kickstart for an undergrownd park on the lower east side raised more than $155,000 and finally attracted coorporate sponsors such as Audi and cooperation with the MTA which has allowed it to … Continue reading