Global Now / Week 6

Obama’s Tumblr Post

Stephanie Kwan Global Issues in Design and Visuality in the 21st Century Joel Towers Section: Cope Global Now: Abstract Headline: Obama’s Tumblr Post Date: October 3, 2012 Source: Daily Mail Online UK Abstract:  Appadurai notes that in today’s modern society, we can create even more things now with access to even more feedback from people … Continue reading

Week 4

The interface between man and machine … is more important than the power of the man or the power of the machine in determining overall capability

Name: Gabriela d’Amato Headline: Shyam Sankar: The rise of human-computer cooperation Date: Posted: September, 2012 Source: As told by Shyam Sankar The rise of human-computer cooperation Abstract: In a recent TED talk, Shyam Sankar describes the relationship between man and machine. It’s interesting to think that less than 10 years ago we have envisioned mankind … Continue reading