Global Now / Week 8

An Interactive Intervention – Gabriela d’Amato.


Name: Gabriela d’Amato

Section: Cope

Headline: Caitlind Brown’s Shimmering Cloud of 6,000 Light Bulbs

Date: Inspir3d, September 18, 2012

Source: Inspir3d [Your source for inspiration!]

Abstract: Cloud, a large-scale light installation by Calgary-based artist Caitlind Brown, is definitely a crowd pleaser at the annual multi-city late-night arts festival Nuit Blanche in Calgary this year.  Created from steel, metal pull strings, and 6,000 light bulbs, Caitlind has re-fabribated waste into art by turning 5,000 donated burnt out incandescent bulbs into treasure (only one in every six light bulbs actually needs to glow).  The work invites viewers to experience the shimmering cloud first hand – wandering beneath the structure and switching on and off lights, giving everyone a truly magical night to remember. I chose to include this installation because it related to Urbach’s idea of the San Francisco fog, and our degree and responsibility to intervene with the natural system. 



Global Issue: Architectural Intervention 

Primary Design Lens: Interactive Design

Secondary Design Lens:  Architectural/Product InnovationImage


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